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Seasonal Straightening: Why Start Invisalign This Summer?

May 1, 2024

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Woman with brown hair outside smiling holding a clear aligner with two fingers

If you’re frustrated by a crooked smile, you’re not alone. A 2021 examination of orthodontics in the United States over the past decade revealed that each year, over 9 million people get treatment. Although braces have a long history of success, many people prefer more discrete methods, like Invisalign. Instead of metal brackets, this treatment uses clear plastic trays that fit gently over your teeth to reposition them.

However, many patients wanting a straighter grin worry that they don’t have the time to commit to dental appointments and caring for their orthodontics. Thankfully, summer is just around the corner, which is the perfect time to begin your Invisalign journey. Continue reading to learn 3 reasons why!