Gum Disease Treatment Putnam

Safe & Effective Solutions for Better Gum Health

Person pointing to red spot in their gums before gum disease treatment

Gum disease is a growing problem in the United States. With symptoms that can range from bleeding and inflammation to loose teeth and bone loss, more than half of the adults in America suffer from some form of poor gum health. This is why Dr. Moaz and Dr. Zakhem offer safe and effective solutions that lead to better gum health. Whether it is scaling and root planing, laser therapy, or antibiotic treatment, we offer gum disease treatment in Putnam to eliminate bacteria and infection so that your smile doesn’t suffer. Call us today to schedule an appointment if you suspect you may have gum disease.

Why Choose Unique Dental of Putnam for Gum Disease Treatment?

  • Dedicated Scaling & Root Planing for Thorough Healing
  • Laser Treatment Available for Greater Accuracy
  • Targeted Antibiotic Care for Lasting Results

Scaling & Root Planing

Illustrated dental scaler removing plaque buildup from teeth

When plaque and tartar form around teeth as well as above and below the gumline, it is necessary for deep cleaning to occur to minimize the progression of gum disease. With scaling and root planing, we can improve the health of these soft oral tissues. With scaling, we will remove any build-up above and below the gums before moving on to root planing, which requires smoothing the roots of teeth so that plaque is unlikely to gather in the future. This allows for thorough healing as the gums begin to reattach to your teeth.

Laser Periodontal Treatment

Illustrated dental laser treating gum disease

When bacteria manage to spread to hard-to-reach areas of the mouth, scaling and root planing may not be enough. In these instances, we can incorporate laser periodontal treatment, which involves using a soft tissue laser to target pockets of bacteria. With its concentrated beam of light, we can pinpoint infected areas and remove them without harming any of your healthy gum tissues. The process is quick and virtually painless, and it allows for optimal accuracy and precision.

Antibiotic Treatment

Bottle of clear liquid next to pills labeled antibiotics

Oftentimes, in combination with other forms of gum disease treatment, we will also incorporate the use of antibiotics. By applying this medicine to the gum pockets, it will begin to disperse over several weeks, fighting the infection and eliminating bacteria even in the tiniest crevices. As a result, your gums will begin to heal, and you’ll experience a healthier, disease-free smile.