Tooth Extractions Putnam

Saving Smiles by Removing Unhealthy Teeth

Smiling woman holding a tooth after tooth extractions in Putnam

The idea of removing a patient’s tooth is not something that either Dr. Moaz or Dr. Zakhem wants to consider; however, severe decay or damage can mean that removal is the only option when your oral health is at risk. At Unique Dental of Putnam, we commit to practicing safe and comfortable dentistry, using advanced technologies, techniques, and solutions to ensure healthier smiles. If you need help to determine whether a tooth extraction in Putnam is something you might benefit from, call us and schedule an appointment.


Why Choose Unique Dental of Putnam for Tooth Extractions?

  • Advanced Diagnostic Technology Used
  • We Provide Treatment to Patients of All Ages
  • Dentist with Advanced Training & Expertise

When Are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

Dental forceps holding an extracted tooth

It is not the desire of dentists to remove natural teeth. Saving them is the ultimate goal. However, certain cases arise that make it impossible to recommend anything other than tooth removal. When meeting with our team, you can expect to learn that you need to have a tooth extracted if:

  • You’ve experienced extreme facial trauma
  • You have serious dental decay that is putting your healthy teeth at risk
  • You’re suffering from advanced gum disease
  • Your teeth are becoming loose, and your jawbone is weakening
  • You require orthodontic treatment but need to have one or more teeth removed because of overcrowding
  • There are one or more wisdom teeth that are impacted
  • Your child’s baby teeth will not come out on its own